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Shooting Footage For A College Recruitment Video by CC Video Duplication

Do you have a son or daughter in sports, music, or drama and want to shoot great video for a college recruitment video?  Here are some tips that will help you get great footage of your child.

1.  Have a good camera.  Using a flip camera or cell phone camera won’t cut it.  Get a nice video camera.  Some HD cameras can be found for $500 or under.

2.  Get a tripod.  Tripods are cheap and make a world of difference between a steady shot and a shot that is shaky.

3.  Focus on your child.  Wide shots are good for couple of shots but for the most part you will want just footage of your child.

4.  Keep zooming in and out to a minimum.  For non-fast action footage (concerts or acting) the shot should be head to toe or from waist to head.  For sports be close enough to where you can follow the action and not lose the individual.

5.  Find an unobstructed spot and stay there.  In sporting events the best shots are from the bleachers.  I prefer to stay away from the student section.  Your tripod will steady a camera but if kids are jumping up and down the tripod will too.

6.  After shooting label the tape or name the file.  If it was a  sporting event, put the date as well as who the game was played against.  If it was a concert, put the date and name of concert.

7.  Log the footage.  Write down the beginning and ending times of the best footage.

8.  Bring the edit list, your footage, pictures for stat and contact pages and the information for the stat and contact pages into CC Video Duplication.  We will make a college recruitment DVD that will get your child noticed.

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