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How much can I put onto a CD from a Duplicator in Central Florida

Recently we had a client ask, “Can I put five, sixty minute audio cassettes onto a single CD?”  The answer is it depends.  CDs hold 700MBs of information or roughly 80 minutes of uncompressed audio.  The key word is uncompressed.  The most common uncompressed audio file format is Microsoft’s  .wav file.  With this format you can get 80 minutes of audio on a standard CD.   For compressed audio files, by far the most common is .mp3.  A .mp3 file is compressed around one tenth the size of a .wav file.  This is great if you want to pack as much audio onto a CD as possible, but in doing so you sacrifice quality.  Today with MP3 players, iPods, and such the .mp3 format is becoming the format of choice of many people.

How big is 700mbs?  With 700mbs you can store an entire encyclopedia with all its text and pictures onto one CD.   Speaking of pictures, CDs are great for storing pictures.  The amount of pictures you can put on a CD depends on resolution.  The lower the resolution the more pictures.  The higher the resolution the less pictures.   If you are archiving pictures, always use a high resolution.  CDs don’t cost that much, but your memories are priceless.

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