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How to Properly Burn a DVD from a Duplicator in Central Florida

If you want to burn a DVD for duplication, so that it will have no errors, do these few simple steps:

1. Close all other programs while burning the DVD: In this world where multi-tasking is king, we all try to save time by doing more than one thing at a time. Fight that temptation when you burn a DVD master. If you are using other programs while burning, they might interrupt the burn temporarily and cause problems with the playing of the disc.

2. Buy high quality DVD media: I know we are all pinching our pennies these days, but don’t scrimp on your DVD media. If you want a high quality master, start with high quality media. It doesn’t make sense to make a beautiful master and then at the final stage, use sub-standard DVD media.

3. Verify the DVD after burning: In every burning software there is a place that you check to verify your DVD media. This will make sure that the DVD has no flaws that could prevent the playback of your DVD.

4. Do not put labels on master DVDs: Most duplicators do not like to use masters with labels because labels can eventually damage the DVD. Always use a “Sharpie” pen to label you master DVD.

If you do all these steps, you will have a quality master that will last for years to come. If you have any questions, contact CC Video Duplication for all your DVD Duplication needs.

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