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CD and DVD Packaging Options from a Duplicator in Florida

CD and DVD packaging options can vary depending on your needs.

CD Duplication Packaging Options: For CDs the most common packaging option is the Jewel Case.  Jewel Cases allow you to have a front cover or booklet and a back cover. Slim Jewel Cases allow you to have a front cover or booklet, but unlike the standard Jewel case, there is no back insert.

DVD Duplication Packaging Options: For DVD options, the choice is usually a black Amry like case.  These are the cases you see in the stores where you buy your DVD movies.  They are usually black, but they do come in different colors.  These cases can hold 1-10 DVDs depending on the size of the case.  These cases require a “wrap” which is inserted in the front of the case.

There are some packaging options that can be used for both DVDs and CDs.

  1. Media Vault: A single Media Vault can hold up to 20 discs and a double Media Vault can hold up to 30 discs.  A Media Vault is a plastic case with vinyl sleeves inside.  Each sleeve holds 2 discs back to back.
  2. Clamshells: Clamshells, as the name implies, look like a clam shell.  They are plastic and hold one CD or DVD.  There are also double clamshells that hold two discs.  These are great to for sending CDs in the mail because they don’t crack like a Jewel Case might do.  Clam Shells also allow you to put a business card inside.
  3. Paper Sleeves: Paper sleeves are the most economical choice.  The envelope style sleeve has a see-through window, so you can see your label.

As you can see, there are a great variety of packaging options to choose from.  If you need further assistance, click on the link for CC Video Duplication and we will do our best to help you.

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