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How much can I put on a DVD? By a DVD Duplicator in Central Florida

Many people ask us how many minutes can I put on a DVD when I convert my video tapes to DVD?  When we convert video to DVD we like to recommend that people not go over 2 hours on their DVDs.  One hour is the best quality, but most people have 2 hour VHS tapes.  If you go over 2 hours, the picture quality starts to get a little digital looking.

To understand this better, let me take you back to the VHS days.  When you got a VHS tape you could either get 2 hours in SP, 4 hours in LP, or 6 hours in EP.  SP referred to “Standard Play”, LP referred to “Long Play”, and EP referred to “Extended Play”.  The good thing about the different speeds was that you got more video on the tape.  However, like everything in the world, there is always a trade off.  With EP especially, the quality of the video goes down so much, that the saving on the cost of the tape was not worth it.  Nothing saddened us more than when someone would video tape their wedding in EP to save tape.   That is why we don’t do conversions for any longer than 2 hours per DVD.  The quality of the conversion goes way down after the 2 hour mode and since we want to do a quality product for our customers, we stay within the 2 hour time limit.

If you are archiving  your footage, the best speed is XP which is the one hour mode.  If something is really important to you like a wedding, a graduation or some other special event, you may want to consider using the XP or one hour mode.  This is the best possible quality for a VHS to DVD conversion.

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