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CD-DVD Replication vs. CD-DVD Duplication

The main differences between CD-DVD replication and CD-DVD duplication are the way information is placed on the disc, labeling options, number of copies required and turn-around time.

CD-DVD Replication: If you have ever bought a movie in a store, it was probably made with the replication process.  In the replication process, a glass master is made of each master DVD.  Then each replicated disc is “poured” with the information already on the disc.  Replication always comes with screen-printing unless you specifically ask for no labeling.  This process is cheaper in the long run, but requires large quantities (usually at least 500 discs).  Replication has a longer turn around time than duplication orders (usually 10-14 business days).  Replication is also the most compatible with a wide variety of DVD players.

CD-DVD Duplication: The duplication process is the process that most people are familiar with.  Duplication uses blank pre-made discs and then the information is “burned” on the disc.  Companies that do DVD and CD duplication, use towers that burn several discs at once.  Duplicated DVDs have a compatibility of about 95%, meaning there are older DVDs that may not play a “burned” DVD.  When you order CD or DVD duplication, you have the option of on-disc printing or paper labels.  You can also order smaller orders of discs from 1-1000.  One advantage is that duplication has a faster turn-around rate than replication (usually 2-3 business days depending on the size of the order).

So as you can see, there is quite a difference between CD-DVD Replication and CD-DVD Duplication.  The bottom line is if you want fewer than 500 copies or you need them quickly, you would use the duplication process.  If you need over 500 CDs or DVDs and your deadline is 2-3 weeks in the future, then the replication process is the best for you.

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