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How to Organize Your Photos Or Slides For Photo Montage on DVD

A great gift for Christmas, Birthday or an Anniversary is a photo montage on DVD.  The key to a great photo memory on DVD, like everything else in the world, is proper planning.

The tools you will need are sticky notes, a Sharpie pen with fast drying ink and manila envelopes big enough for your pictures and CDs.  Why sticky notes and Sharpie pens?  This keeps you from writing directly on your photographs.  Do not use a ball point pen because they leave an indentation on your photographs and the ink sometimes gets on the photos below it.

If you have photo albums, go through them and remove the pictures you might want to use.  Take two sticky notes and place the same letter on both.  Put one sticky note on the back of the picture and the other in the photo album where the picture was.  Why the back?  We put the sticky notes on the back because we have to scan the pictures, so nothing can be on the front.  When you are done, you will know where each picture went and you can put them back easily.  What happens if I have more pictures than the alphabet?  Just use AA, BB, etc.

We are not done with the sticky notes yet.  Now that you have pulled all the pictures you might use, go through them and put them in the order you want.  When you are happy with the order, put numbers on sticky notes and place them on the back of each photo.

Decide which pictures go with each song.  Usually you want each picture to be up for a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 10 seconds.   On the manila envelope, write the name of the song and the pictures that correspond to the song (i.e. Song Title – Pictures 1-30).  Put the pictures and the CD for that song in the manila envelope.

If you are using digital photographs, write a “picture log” like the example below:

Song 1 (Song Name)

DSC101 (Picture Name) on CD#1 (CD where picture is found)



Song 2




If you do these tips, it will make it easier for you and for CC Video Duplication to put your photos to DVD.

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