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When buying a video camera, consumers have many choices.  The old standbys like MiniDV, Digital 8mm, and even DVD cameras are out-dated but available.  Today’s modern consumer cameras come in two styles, Flash Memory and Hard Drive.

CC Video Duplication has been seeing more Hard Drive cameras by customers looking to convert to DVD what they have shot and stored on the camera’s hard drive.  Hard Drive cameras can hold hours of footage.  Customers frequently ask us, “What do I do with footage on the hard drive after we convert it to DVD?”  Don’t delete your footage until you have saved your files!  Deleting will wipe the hard drive and your footage is gone for good.  Save the files to your home computer’s hard drive.  By saving the files to a hard drive you now have a backup in case the DVD is lost or damaged.  Second, many people have the capability to play videos from their home computer straight to their HD televisions.  Third, if your camera is HD, later on you may want your files on a Blue Ray disc instead of DVD.

New video cameras with hard drives are far smaller, have better optics, and many now are available in High Definition.  Hard Drive cameras come in various storage sizes.  Hard Drive sizes range from 30 GB (Gigabyte) up to 120 GB.  A 30 GB drive can hold about 6 to 7 hours of good quality footage and in a lower quality setting around 12 to 14 hours.  As with any camera a hard drive camera is fragile.  If the camera’s hard drive is in use when dropped the camera maybe seriously damaged and the entire camera will have to be replaced.  Currently there are no replacement hard drives for cameras.  If you do buy a hard drive camera make sure it is a brand name such as: Panasonic, Sony, JVC, or Canon.

Overall Hard Drive Cameras are great for travelers, families on vacation, and people who need to record events without stopping to change tapes.

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