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How to handle and take care of a DVD or CD

Many people come to CC Video Duplication saying that their favorite DVD or CD skips or pauses while playing.  Usually a quick look at the disc can tell us why.  Fingerprints, big smudges, and scratches will cause all types of playback problems.  DVDs and CDs are not indestructible.  They can be damaged by the simplest things.  Here is a list of tips on how to handle and take care of DVDs and CDs.

1.      Always hold a disc from hole and edge of the disc.  Fingerprints may seem harmless but the oils from fingerprints over time can delaminate a disc.  Discs are made of layers pressed together.  Greasy fingerprints eat away at the layers.  No matter how clean your hands are, there is a certain amount of oil that will be transferred to the disc.

2.     Always store discs in proper cases.  Protect them from direct sunlight, extreme cold or heat, and high humidity.

3.     To clean a disc start by using a soft dry lint-free cloth or camera lens tissue. Then by holding the disc by its outer edges or center hole gently wipe outward from the center hub toward the outside edge of the disc.  Do not wipe in a circular motion.

4.     For more stubborn stains and oils there a commercially available cleaning fluids.  Do not use the following:  vinyl record cleaners, lacquer thinner, gasoline, kerosene, benzene or other solvents.  They will damage the disc by softening the plastic sub-layers making the disc useless.

5.  Don’t use regular pens to write on DVDs or CDs.  Use a “Sharpie” with quick drying ink to write on your disc.  Also, paper labels are not great for long term disc health.  See the

Thermal On-Disc Printing or Paper Labels, Which is the best for you?

article for more information.

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