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Storage Methods for 8mm Film or Super 8mm Film-The Right and Wrong Way

Many customers ask us how to store their 8mm film or Super 8mm film. These tips will give you an idea of where you can store your film in your home. If you follow these steps on how to store your film, you’ll keep you memories safe and intact for years to come.

Recommended 8mm Storing Methods

1.  A steady temperature and and steady humidity is important to keep your film from melting. Film stored at in a cool room will greatly help the preservation of the film.

2.  If you have multiple copies, it would be a good idea to keep them in different locations in case of fire or another tragedy.

3.  Label your film with the content and date it was taken. A lot of people come in to get their 8mm film converted and they have no idea what is on it. If you have access to a viewer or projector, it would be enormously helpful to know what order your film needs to go in.

4.  Store your film horizontally with no more than 8 cans high. Make sure your storage film cans have moisture-proof cores and are corrosion-resistant.

5.  The most important item is to keep your film cool. Store no hotter than 70 degrees with 20 to 30 percent humidity.


How Not to Store Your Film

1.  Film needs to breathe and needs the exposure to oxygen, so do not store your film in plastic or Ziplock bags. This lack of ventilation will cause the film’s decomposition rate to increase.

2.  Do not store film in attics, cars or in direct sunlight as high-temperatures will melt your film together. After that happens, there is not a whole lot you can do to save your film.

3.  Do not store your film in any location near chemicals, paint or exhaust.

4.  Do not through away your original film once CC Video Duplication has converted it. It makes a great keepsake and you never know if the technology will change in the future.

For more information on transferring your 8mm film or Super 8mm film to DVD, visit our website by clicking on the Film to DVD link.

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