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Thermal On-Disc Printing or Paper Labels, Which is the best for you?

A frequent question we get at CC Video Duplication is, which is better thermal on-disc printing or paper labels?  The question really is which is best for my needs and budget?  Here are the differences and some good uses for both of them.

Thermal Printing Pros: If you want a long lasting professional print job, thermal printing is the way to go.  Thermal printing offers a glossy, high quality professional look along with durability.  Thermal printing is done by a specialized machine that prints directly onto a disc.  Thermal printing also is better in the long run for the health of the DVD itself.

Thermal Printing Cons: Thermal printing, however, does cost more, but the results are stunning.

Who Can Benefits from Thermal Printing? Musicians, high-tech firms, financial companies, and anyone else who would sell their DVD or CD to the general public on a regular basis would benefit the most from using thermal printing.

Paper Label Pros: Paper labels are the most economical form of labeling.  Labels are printed on an adhesive laser paper then applied by hand to the disc.  While not as glossy as thermal printing, they are a step above inkjet printing.  Paper labels are great for those who need labeling but are on a tight budget.

Paper Label Cons: Paper labels are not recommended for long-term disc health.  If this is a disc that needs to be kept for years to come, paper labels are not the best choice.

Who Can Benefits from Paper Labels? Companies and individuals looking for a one-time distribution of a disc or a disc with a short “shelf life” would be a prime candidate for paper labels.  Paper labels would be fine for a Realtor’s DVD of sales listings or a business doing a sales promotion.  If the discs are being sent for free and will be looked at within a month, paper labels can be a good choice.

Whichever type you choose, CC Video Duplication, will give you the best quality, lowest price, and fastest service.  Contact CC Video Duplication at 321-872-0300 or email us at

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