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Top 10 Photography and Videography Mistakes

  1.  A Cluttered Picture:  Don’t try to get everything in the scene.  What was it that made you want to take the picture in the first place?  Focus on that and eliminate any extraneous clutter that will draw a person’s eye away from the subject you want most prevalent.
  2. Get Closer:  Most new photographers or videographers for that matter want to play it safe and stay too far back.  Have the subject fill the screen unless it is important to have the background for use in showing scale.
  3. I’ll Fix It in Photoshop Later:  Not only is this not a good idea quality wise, it can be very time consuming.  If you have a digital camera, take pictures until you know you have the shot.  It doesn’t cost you anything and it will be a lot quicker in the long run.
  4. Be Patient:  Sometimes you have to wait for the perfect shot.  You might have to wait for your baby to make that special grin or waiting for the sun to get in the right position.
  5. Don’t Center Your Subject In Every Picture:  It is OK to center your subject, but try not to do it in every picture.  Try having your subject to the left or to the right in the frame.
  6. Unwanted Items In Your Pictures:  Before taking pictures, look with your eyes and then in the view finder.  Are there power lines or unwanted signs or trees?  Sometime all it takes is changing the angle or stepping closer.
  7. Don’t Always Shoot At A Standing Point Of View:  To make your pictures more interesting, try shooting some scenery shots from your knees looking up.  Get on ground level with your subject.  (i.e. a baby or a dog).
  8. Always Taking Horizontal Images:  Sometimes you can get a more effective picture by flipping the camera sideways and getting a vertical picture.  Of course, you cannot do this with a video camera, but with a still camera, it can get more of the subject into the frame while removing clutter.
  9. Zoomamaniac and Panalotis:  This only applies to video cameras, but it is something a lot of new videographers are guilty of.  They feel they must always be either panning or zooming the camera.  Sometimes, you just want to capture the moment (as close as possible-see number 2) and let the action of the subjects tell the story.  Also, let some subjects come to you.  If you’re shooting a cruise ship sailing by, frame your shot and wait for it to sail into your frame.
  10. Read The Manual:  Yes, the dreaded manual.  How are you going to know how to use your camera in certain circumstances (i.e. backlight, etc.) if you don’t read the manual.  When these things happen, you will probably not have the time to whip out the manual and find out how to adjust the camera.

We hope these tips help you get better pictures or video.  If you need any pictures or video converted to DVD, click on one of the links below:

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Video to DVD

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