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What Is The Difference Between Magnetic and Optical Media?

First of all what is Magnetic Media and what is Optical Media.  Magnetic media is video tape and audio tapes.  Data is encoded on plastic
tape and covered with a magnetic coating. Magnetic media is run along a tape path with video or audio heads that read the encoded media.  Dust and debris can land on the tape path or heads and scratch the tape.  The other danger with Magnetic Media is that it can catch on the machine guides and get crunched in the machine.  Therefore, the more a tape is played, the more it wears out.

Optical Media, which include Blu-ray, DVD and CDs, do not wear out over time because the information is read by a laser and does not come in contact with the disc itself.  You can play a DVD hundreds of times and it will not look any worse than the first time you played it.

Optical Media, however, can be damaged.  Keep your discs in a cool environment.  Also make sure not to handle a disc improperly.  Hold the disc on the sides, so you don’t touch the area where the information is burned or pressed.  If you do get fingerprints or other contaminants
on your disc, try cleaning it with a disc cleaning solution that can be purchased at several electronic stores.

Another problem people have with playing their Optical Media is a dirty laser head on the player itself. To solve this problem, you can purchase a disc head cleaner from a brand name electronic store.  This cleaner looks like a disc, but it has several small brushes where the media would normally be burned.  This cleaning disc brushes off any dust or other debris that might affect the playablity of your disc.

If you need your VHS tapes converted to DVD or your Audio tapes to be converted to CD, let CC Video Duplication help you.  For more information, click on the Video to DVD link.


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