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What is Blu-ray and how much data can I store on a Blu-ray disc?

Blu-ray also known as Blu-ray Disc or BD is a new disc format developed by a group of leading electronics and media manufacturers.  The need for a new format came about with the development of High-Definition video (HD).  The Blu-ray format allows the storage of five times the storage capacity of normal DVDs.  With today’s new Blu-ray discs you can store up to  25GB on a disc.  With a dual layer Blu-ray you can store up to 50GB.

The name Blu-ray comes from the fact that the laser used to read and write the data is a blue-violet laser.  DVDs use a red laser to read and write data.  Most Blu-ray players are  BD/DVD/CD compatible but Blu-ray discs will not play in a standard DVD player.

 To be able to watch a Blu-ray disc on a computer you need a Blu-ray Drive.  You can find some computers with a Blu-ray drive factory installed.  Blu-ray replacement drives can be found at some electronics stores and will become easier to find in the future.   

Blu-ray will eventually replace DVDs as the format of choice for most Hollywood studios.  Blu-ray discs are more expensive but as more and more consumers move towards Blu-ray, the price will fall and become competitive with DVDs. 

Clients have asked, “Why should they upgrade to Blu-ray?” The short answer is High-Definition video and HDTV.  The picture is super sharp and the colors are vivid.

CC Video Duplication offers Blu-ray Duplication with Thermal On-Disc Printing at low prices.  Please see our Blu-ray Duplication section for details and pricing.

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