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What is Short Run CD or DVD Duplication?

There are two types of duplication, large and small quantity. Large quantity duplication, duplication over 1,000 discs, is usually not duplication at all. For large orders they are usually replicated where the actual disc is poured and stamped with the information. 
Small quantity or Short Run CD or DVD duplication is done by burning pre-made discs. For small orders, under 1,000, Short-Run DVD or CD Duplication is the preferred method. There are certain qualifications that will tell you if you need Short Run Duplication: 

1. Time Frame: If you need it in a week or less. 

2. Need under 1,000 discs 

3. Don’t want to make a huge investment all at once 

This is used for the band who wants 100 CDs for a weekend performance or for a company that needs 25 sets of 4 discs each. Short run duplication is also great for people who want to run a trial balloon on a CD or DVD project or just don’t have the cash for investing in a 1,000 discs or more. 

At CC Video Duplication, we also allow you to combine masters on duplication orders, so you can get the lowest price. For example, if you have a 4 disc set and you need 25 of them, we would give you the 100 disc price instead of the 25 disc price. That saves you a great deal of money. 

We also offer many packaging options and the choice of paper labels or on-disc thermal printing. If you have anymore questions click on the DVD Duplication or the CD Duplication link. 


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