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When people travel overseas to Europe or the Far East they buy a keepsake or souvenir video of famous places they visited.  Once they get home they put the video into the machine only to see snow on the screen or the words “Cannot play Disc” or something of the sort.

The problem is that you have a video that is not in the NTSC format.  Here in America we use what is known as NTSC - National Television System Committee.  This standard was adopted in 1953.  In 2009 we have a new standard called ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee).  NTSC and ATSC are the same thing only now it includes digital video.

PAL - Phase Alternating Line, was developed in Europe in the early 1960’s.  PAL and its French cousin SECAM (Séquentiel couleur à mémoire, which is French for “Sequential Color with Memory) are incompatable with NTSC.  Another format that will not play in America is MESECAM or Middle Eastern SECAM.  As the name implies, it is used in Middle Eastern countries, Russia and former Soviet Union countries. 

We at CC Video Duplication can convert PAL, SECAM, and even MESCAM to the NTSC format.  Click on the European Video to DVD  link to find out more information.

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