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DVD Mastering Basics

When you submit your DVD master for duplication, you will get an exact copy of the product, so check it throughly.  Make sure that the product is completely edited, has all the menus, the buttons connect to the appropriate scene and is compressed into a working DVD.

I can’t stress enough to watch the whole DVD and do not spot check it.  Have as many people as possible look at the master to catch possible errors that you might miss.  Sometimes the people who are closest to the project miss big errors.  It is always best to have a fresh set of eyes to watch the project.  Sometimes there will be spelling or content errors or a menu malfunction that might be caught by another person.  It is better to catch it now than to end up with 500 duplicated discs that become lovely coasters instead of an effective marketing campaign.

Some popular editing programs are, iDVD, Adobe Encore, DVD Studio and Nero to name a few.  When you finally are ready to submit your master, the best way is to mail a fully functional DVD to CC Video Duplication or the company of your choice.  If you send the master over the internet, the company will have to charge you to recreate your master and then send you a proof copy before they duplicate it, so in the long run, it is cheaper and quicker to send your master DVD in the mail.

You should also put all the artwork for your label or On-Disc Printing and DVD case wrap on a CD and send that along with your DVD.  Do not put labels on original master DVDs sent for duplication.  Take a “Sharpie” permanent marker  and write a description of each disc.

The staff at CC Video Duplication has been doing DVD duplication for over 20 years.  If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you with your next project.

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