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CD Mastering Basics by CC Video Duplication in Brevard County, FL

Before you deliver a CD Audio master, it is best that it is authored under the “Red Book Audio Standard”. The basic specifications are a maximum playing time of 79.8 minutes, a minimum duration for a track is 4 seconds including a 2-second pause, a maximum of 99 tracks, the maximum number of index points or subdivisions of a track is 99 with no maximum time limit and if possible the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) should be included.

If you would like to have text show up on your CD, embedded metadata and ISRC codes, you should have your CD mastered at a credible mastering studio with an experienced audio engineer.

If you cannot afford an audio engineer in your budget, you can create your master with a number of affordable audio programs. This method will work if you don’t care about having CD text, metadata or ISRC codes embedded in your music.

Data CDs are usually mastered with an auto-load program with executable files. When the CD is placed in the computer, as the name suggests, the file automatically loads and starts playing the content without any action by the user.

Whether it is an audio CD or a data CD, you should send the master on the disc and not over the internet. If you send the CD over the internet, the duplicating company will probably have to charge you for making the master and then they will have to send you a proof before copying anyway. This wastes time and money.

The copy will be identical to the disc, so before you send it, make sure you have watched or listened to the content all the way through. Do not spot check it. If there are any executable files on a data CD make sure they load properly and menu items work the way they should.

If you need your CD master duplicated, consider CC Video Duplication as your duplication source. We offer Thermal On-Disc printing as well as paper labels if you are on a budget. There are also several packaging options available. Click on the CD Duplication link for more details.

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