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Converting Memories to DVD

Friday, August 12th, 2011

The summer is coming to an end.  Many have gone on vacation and have taken great video memories of their vacation.  Now that summer is over you may want to share those videos.  CC Video Duplication can convert video from your hard drive camera or memory card camera into a DVD and make copies so you can share them with family and friends.  Remember if you do have a camera with a hard drive, never delete your videos off your hard drive until you have moved all the files to your computer’s hard drive or an external hard drive.  The same goes for memory card cameras.

Also with the end of summer begins the start of a new school year and one thing comes to mind, the start of high school sports.  If you have a son or daughter who is in sports it’s time to grab the video camera to capture the memories.  Many students can convert their skills in sports into a paid ticket to college.  CC Video Duplication can turn your video into a College Recruitment Video.  Remember to use a good camera and a tripod.  Focus on your son or daughter.  Make an edit list of the best shots to use for the recruitment video.

Now get out there and shoot like a pro.

To see our prices on conversions please click the Video to DVD link.

Shooting Footage For A College Recruitment Video by CC Video Duplication

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Do you have a son or daughter in sports, music, or drama and want to shoot great video for a college recruitment video?  Here are some tips that will help you get great footage of your child.

1.  Have a good camera.  Using a flip camera or cell phone camera won’t cut it.  Get a nice video camera.  Some HD cameras can be found for $500 or under.

2.  Get a tripod.  Tripods are cheap and make a world of difference between a steady shot and a shot that is shaky.

3.  Focus on your child.  Wide shots are good for couple of shots but for the most part you will want just footage of your child.

4.  Keep zooming in and out to a minimum.  For non-fast action footage (concerts or acting) the shot should be head to toe or from waist to head.  For sports be close enough to where you can follow the action and not lose the individual.

5.  Find an unobstructed spot and stay there.  In sporting events the best shots are from the bleachers.  I prefer to stay away from the student section.  Your tripod will steady a camera but if kids are jumping up and down the tripod will too.

6.  After shooting label the tape or name the file.  If it was a  sporting event, put the date as well as who the game was played against.  If it was a concert, put the date and name of concert.

7.  Log the footage.  Write down the beginning and ending times of the best footage.

8.  Bring the edit list, your footage, pictures for stat and contact pages and the information for the stat and contact pages into CC Video Duplication.  We will make a college recruitment DVD that will get your child noticed.

College Recruitment DVD or College Highlight DVD

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Do you have a son or daughter in high school?  Do they participate in sports or in the band?  Maybe they play the piano or violin or they might be a drama student or dancer.  If your high school student is planning on going to college, they could cut the cost of college drastically with a scholarship.  To get those scholarships, colleges need to see your son or daughter in action.  The best way is with a College Recruitment DVD. These videos let coaches, band directors, or drama department heads see your son or daughter in the best light.  Colleges get thousands of requests for scholarships.  A College Recruitment DVD can show off your son or daughters skills.  Losing a scholarship can cost you thousands.  Colleges cannot see every prospect so the next best thing is to bring the talent to them.  A highlight DVD between 3-5 minutes is the most effective way to get noticed.

To make a College Recruitment DVD gather all of your footage of your son or daughter that is relevant and watch your footage.  Make an edit log of the scenes that you want to include in your DVD.  If your video is on VHS or 8mm rewind the tape and clear the counter to zero.  On MiniDV, MiniDisc or Hard Drive Cameras the time starts at zero as a default.  You may want to have the display visible on the screen while playing the video to make it easier to record the times.  The edit log should look like this:

Edit 1  Start 5:30                 End 5:56

Edit 2  Start 7:16                 End 8:08

Edit 3  Start 10:00               End 11:20

After you have an edit log, bring in or mail your in footage and log.  We will edit your video and add graphics to make a College Recruitment DVD that will get your son or daughter noticed.

Contact CC Video Duplication at for more information.